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Celebrate St James - Our Mission

Celebrate St. James Past-Present-Future, the Cultural Arts Organization committed to revitalizing the  St. James community and  is pleased to present the St James Community Cultural Arts Center. 

Once known as the historic St. James Calderone Theatre, built in the early 1900’s, the St James Cultural Arts Center is believed to have been the vehicle for many stage performances before it was a movie theater. Through an annual calendar packed with performances, classes, seminars, and other exciting events, Celebrate St. James has initiated a capital campaign to purchase and restore this iconic structure adjacent to the Lake Avenue business district. 

Celebrate Park Dedication, October 18, 2022

Park designed by:

​Bob Retnauer, RLA, ASLA, Principal, RDA Landscape Architecture, PC,

Michael Morbillo, AIA,  LEED AP, ENSPIRE Design Group,

Natalie Weinstein, Allied ASID, IDS, Natalie Weinstein Design Associates

About Us

Thank you for being a part of the St. James Renaissance!  Our unique and special town has an auspicious history, but it has so much more.  It has spirit and pride and a desire to look back while looking forward.  It has young and growing families, valued seniors, those who have been here for generations, and those who have just chosen to live and work in our wonderful hamlet because of who we are and what we stand for.
      Our treasures are many as "St. Jamsers".  We are a living history community.  Buildings still stand and are a reminder today of the blessings of small town life and the importance of preserving our heritage.  We were the "most happening" town in the early 20th century.  Vaudeville lived along-side serious theater and the New York political scene came to St. James as well.
     Happily, in the year 2017, the town became energized.  It was also the year Celebrate St. James Past-Present-Future was founded as a nonprofit entity.  It's mission is to preserve and celebrate St. James' rich history and inspire an appreciation and knowledge of the arts in our community.  In the spring of 2019, the Town of Smithtown created the historic St. James Cultural and Arts District along Lake Avenue. 
2020 will always be remembered as the year when a pandemic changed our lives. In St. James, our hometown heroes saved our lives. They worked tirelessly and selflessly. During this unprecedented time, we were apart physically, but never closer together in our resolve. Simultaneously, the long-awaited work of reconstructing the sidewalks and roads on Lake Avenue was begun and is now almost completed.  This project was necessary in the name of progress for our Historic St. James and Cultural and Arts District and our economic growth.
    In November 2020, Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim and the Town Board joined CSJ in a groundbreaking ceremony commemorating the construction of Celebrate St. James Park at the site of the former Irish Viking Bar. This park will highlight our past, present and future. The money raised by CSJ through engraved brick and the 2021 Keepsake Calendar sales, along with generous donations from the community will build the park which will forever stand as a testament to what local government, community minded organizations and hometown residents can accomplish together. 

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Shovel ceremony.jpg
911 Art Show1.jpg

9/11 Art Show

Board of Directors


Patricia Clark, President

Arline Goldstein, First Vice President

Jack Ader, Second Vice President

Veronica Manno, Third Vice President

Anthony Chiofalo, Vice President Public Relations

Randi Kuveke, Treasurer

Elaine Demy, Recording Secretary

Doris Meyer, Corresponding Secretary


Natalie Weinstein, Past President


Movie Museum

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