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Become a supporting Member of the St. James community cultural arts center

​​By signing up for a membership you will help with our mission to preserve and celebrate our rich history and inspire an appreciation and knowledge of the arts in our community. ​Let's build the legacy together.

Support The Arts

Celebrate St. James is currently developing a comprehensive plan to purchase its current home, the St James Community Cultural Arts Center, and restore the property to serve the public. Plans involve creating a small recording studio, classrooms, meeting rooms, areas for art and music therapy, a movie museum and art gallery.

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CALL (631) 984.0201 


Founders will enjoy a series of benefits reserved exclusively for this limited group:

These 100 limited Founder opportunities will be made available at $25,000.  


Founder names may be individuals, groups, or ‘in memorial’ tributes.  

Becoming a founder is a great way of showing your support for this historic preservation.

  • Name prominently displayed

  • Invitations to VIP Founder events

  • Special gifts

  • Recognition at fundraising events

  • Branding recognition  (marketing materials, invitations to theatre events

Become a Founder

Save The St. James Calderone Theatre

Ways to Donate

The St James Community Cultural Arts Center (St James CCAC) Founder program is offered to a limited number of individuals who are committed to this important and historic preservation project. Each Founder’s name will be prominently displayed on a specially designed Founders Wall.


Formerly known as the Calderone Theatre, the St James Community Cultural Arts Center was originally built in the early 1900’s and it is believed to have been the vehicle for many stage performances before its purchase by the Calderone family. Celebrate St. James has initiated a capital campaign to purchase and restore this iconic structure adjacent to the recently renovated Lake Avenue business district. There is no better way to make an impact and give back to the public, by becoming a Founder of the St James Community Cultural Arts Center.



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